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Here is a 3d print file for using on the Mavic Air 2, Air 2s, Mini 2 or Mini Se controller. This was a redisgn to allow the Tripltek tablet to not only work with the ring, it adds a small shelf to capture the tablet and hold it into place. This will also allow you to run an Ipad or phone and still allow it to work. It adds some security to allow it to not come out of the clamp area. 


Also included is my Custom Tablet holder. 


Download is free, I ask to not redistribute it, or post it on other sites. I will keep this download up and ask for you to direct people here. I also have the 3d prints available for Material, Electricity, Time and shipping costs(Dirt Cheap). I do not make anything off of them, just providing people with useful product. Please check out my Youtube channel and if you like the content please Subscribe!




Please note the Yellow Picture, this is how it is to be printed. This is a screen capture from Cura. Infill is 20% and was printed with Supports and in PLA with a .2 mm layer height with .120 wall thickness. 

DJI Controller Lanyard ring and Tablet holder for Tripltek (Digital Download)

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