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Typical Questions

Q: How quickly can you come over and shoot Photos for me?

A: That depends, I have to abide by airspace regulations and FAA part 107 Regulations. Depending on your airspace it is possible, some airspace is restricted. The closer you are to an airport or military base the higher the chance the airspace is restricted.

Q: Does that mean you cannot fly over my house and provide your service?

A: Not at all. I can get airspace authorizations depending on the airspace as quick as a minute or 2. Some airspace is more difficult and can take up to 90 days. All UAS pilots are limited to 400 feet above ground level or Objects like a building or tower. Some of the airspace may limit this. If you would like to know what restrictions may be in place at the location please contact me, I can find out using GPS coordinates or an address. 

Q: I want you to film an intro for my Youtube channel at the national part or Wildlife Refuge, can you do that?

A: Unfortunately National Parks, Wildlife Refuge's, and some other area are off limits to UAS Flights. Some state parks can be flown in after some leg work and lots of time involved. It is possible it can be done, but it is a time consuming process, it may not make it cost effective, but I am willing to try and get it done. 

Q: If I hire you yo take pictures who owns them?

A: Most photographers copy-write pictures and only give you a certain time frame for you to have use of them. When I receive payments for the photos they are yours! Only my personal pictures that are taken by me are mine to use. 

Q: Is there tax on services in Virginia?

A: Unfortunately Photography service is taxed in Virginia, it hard to put a price on a picture that is truly one of a kind. The entire service is a package and all the pictures and material that are contained will be priced as a service and taxed at the current rate. 

Q: Do you require a deposit?

A: Most services no. The only time I may need to have a deposit is a large ongoing project that has a lot of processing time and materials in. I will have a simple contract, Payment is made on the terms we negotiate on. If payment is not received I keep the copy-write of the photos. I have not had to do that before so hopefully it not something I have to worry about!

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