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Industry Revolutionized

In the past, Aerial Photos were cost prohibited for many industries and many business models. Technological advancements on small unmanned aerial systems are changing this. Many industries are being changed as we speak. Previously Real Estate markets had a difficult time showing the overall property to prospective buyers in an MLS listing. Commercial and Residential roofing had to have an inspector go up on a roof to look for water damage, measure the roof pitch, and size to get a material estimate. Power companies had to have a lineman on the skid of a Helicopter to perform powerline inspections. 3D maps were not possible without large data processing servers and large platform aerial photographs, costing thousands of dollars. This is a thing of the past!

Keep in mind many of the jobs I have performed require confidentiality, those pictures and videos cannot be posted on this site. Many of the photos and video that are posted were taken on my own time.