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Enhanced capabilities

Hello, My name is David Hedrick, I am an FAA Licensed Commercial Drone Pilot. I fly professionally for a corporation in support of one of the largest utilities on the east coast. I specialize in Infrastructure inspections and have flown in sensitive areas including Nuclear Power Plants. I fly for on my own time to provide drone Services to the South East Virginia, Central Virginia, and North East North Carolina. 


I have a passion for Landscape Photography and have a back ground in Astrophotography and have has my work Published in the DailyPress here in Virginia.  I have a large range of equipment for both aerial and ground photography work for nearly any project. I am also looking to establish a relationship with a couple of content creators and will be willing to provide aerial shots for them to use on social media. 

Check out my Services for information on what I provide and also check out my Youtube Channel on some more details of the services. I have all my own Equipment and have both Professional Grade Videography drones used in Hollywood for professional production and Enterprise done that is used for Industrial inspection and large area mapping. This equipment gives me a broad range of capabilities to provide the best service at a decent rate. Please feel free to send me an email with any questions and I will be glad to answer them.   



FAA Licensed Remote Pilot 

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